Okay Hair & Skin Oil Castor 2oz

Okay Hair & Skin Oil Castor 2oz

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Okay Hair & Skin Oil Castor 2oz

  • Grows & Thickens Hair
  • Moisturize & Soften Skin

For Hair & Skin: OKAY Castor Blended Oil is excellent for thickening and strengthening hair, it also promotes healthy looking soft skin. Apply oil directly to hair, scalp, and skin.

Castor Blended Oil has properties that make it so effective in healing the body & also make it an excellent choice for maintaining beautiful, healthy hair & skin.

For Hair OKAY Castor Blended Oil helps to thicken and strengthen hair allowing for more hair growth.

Apply directly to hair and massage. You can rinse or leave in.

To use as a Hot Oil Treatment simply heat up 1/4 bottle (15ml)  of castor oil then apply to hair from roots to tips. Wrap with a hair cap and sit under a hood dryer for 30min. Repeat every week for best results.

You can also apply Castor Oil to eyelashes and eyebrows daily to help promote thickening and growth.

Apply to hair. Do not rinse.

For Skin and Arthritis castor oil’s properties help make skin smooth, soft, and silky while treating pains and arthritis. Apply an ample  amount and massage deeply onto skin to achieve the best results.